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If you’re like most people, the potential of losing normal brain function as you age – and the independence that goes with it – is of great concern.

What most people don’t realize is that cognitive decline starts decades before you start to experience the effects.  So the sooner you take steps to nourish and protect your brain the better.

If you ask researchers and physicians to name one supplement you should take to protect against age-related mental decline - most will likely say “PS”, which stands for phosphatidylserine.

PS is one of the body’s essential building blocks. It’s naturally found in the cell membrane and particularly abundant in the brain. In general, the human brain is very rich in lipid (fat) content.  And PS accounts for about 18% of all phospholipids in the brain – indicating its importance to normal cognitive function.

So what does it do? PS is crucial to the structure and function of nerve cells and plays a key role in cell-to-cell communication, information transfer, signaling and more.

PS is the molecular mechanism that tells the cell what to do in response to the environment. In essence, you can think of the cell membrane — not the nucleus — as the brain of the cell. And the cell membrane relies on sufficient supplies of PS to function.

Unfortunately, the daily intake of PS is reduced in modern diets – largely due to a greater focus on lower fat foods.


For example, it’s estimated that the average individual consumed 250mg of PS daily from food prior to the 1980s.  Today, the average person gets only about 130mg of PS daily from food (and a vegetarian diet provides only about 50mg/day).

To help bridge this gap, you should consider taking a high quality PS supplement.

You’ll be pleased to know that the benefits of supplementing with PS have been demonstrated in over 30 clinical studies addressing the entire human life cycle – from children to adults to seniors. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of the benefits of PS from these clinical trials:

  • Helps slow age-related mental decline, improving memory, attention and concentration.
  • Helps improve mood and symptoms of anxiety and stress.
  • May reduce risk of cognitive dysfunction and decrease loss of brain cells.

Depending on your age and health status, you may experience different near term (2 to 3 months) benefits from supplementing with PS.

For example, in a clinical study published in Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics of elderly folks with memory impairment, supplementing with 300mg per day of PS for 12 weeks showed strong beneficial effects in cognitive function – especially in ability to learn and remember names.

In fact, those taking PS were able to remember names like someone 14 years younger, on average.  This “reversal” effect of the aging process also was seen in the ability to learn and remember written information – where there was a 12 year improvement.

In this study, improvements also were observed in recognition of persons and memory of numbers.

In younger individuals, supplementing with PS also has been beneficial – particularly in the areas of improving mood and learning ability.  This was demonstrated in studies published in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience.

In this study, taking 300mg of PS per day for a month resulted in fewer feelings of stress and having a better mood.  Even when performing a stressful mental arithmetic test, the beneficial effects of PS were demonstrated – as evidenced by a more positive change in heart rate.

Now here’s the issue with PS you need to be mindful of…

Unfortunately, PS is highly unstable and prone to degradation (and taking degraded PS won’t help you). In fact, a recent study showed a standard PS product degraded by 20% within 4.5 months of encapsulation.

As you’d expect, benefits from PS supplementation are possible only if you’re using a “stabilized” PS supplement. So not only should your supplement contain a highly pure form of PS, it should also utilize a proven stabilization process.

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Introducing TruePS™:
Delivering Both Purity and Potency

TruePS™ is made with Sharp PS® - a high purity phosphatidylserine (PS) brand, developed and produced in Israel by Enzymotec Ltd. under the highest quality and safety standards.

In clinical testing, Sharp PS® has been shown to have a positive effect on memory recognition, memory recall, executive functions and mental flexibility.

Even though Sharp PS® is a very high quality PS, it like other phosphatidylserine is highly unstable and prone to degradation over time.

In fact, a recent shelf-life study, performed on a standard fluid PS material by an independent international laboratory for phospholipid analysis, showed dismaying results. Within 12 weeks of encapsulation, the standard fluid PS material had degraded by 10%. Within 18 weeks, it had degraded by nearly 20%.

As you might expect, when PS degrades, it is of little value to your brain cells.

To overcome the issue of PS stability, Soft Gel Technologies® has developed a method to enhance Sharp PS® using an exclusive fluid dispersion (provided as finished dosage soft gels) that has enviable stability.

Shelf-life studies on this stabilized Sharp PS®, performed by the same independent laboratory mentioned above, found that even after 24 months, the material showed absolutely no degradation.  It was as potent at month 24 as it was the day it was encapsulated.


This allows you to use every bottle of TruePS™ with confidence, knowing that the PS is active and able to provide maximum benefits.

Clinical studies demonstrate beneficial effects for supplementing our daily diet with 100mg to 300mg per day of PS (each TruePS™ soft gel provides 100mg of stabilized Sharp PS®).

In general, here’s what we suggest for use: If you aren’t currently using TruePS™, for most immediate results, it is recommended that you take three (3) TruePS™ soft gels a day for the first 4 weeks.  Thereafter, a maintenance serving of one (1) TruePS™ soft gel a day is typically recommended.

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As mentioned earlier, if you want to maintain your brain power and memory later in life, then you need to get started now!

As you’ve seen, making sure your cell membranes have adequate PS is crucial to long term brain health. And I’m confident you will not find a better stabilized phosphatidylserine supplement than TruePS™.  

So now it’s up to you to take the next step by ordering today.  We’re so confident in our product that we offer a 100% money-back-guarantee that’s good for one full year.  You have nothing to lose.

The key is to get started. Take action today!

Yours for healthy living,

Carl Pradelli
President, NatureCity®
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