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The 5 Questions You Need to Ask Before
Taking a Probiotic Supplement!

Dear Friend,

No question, I’m a big supporter of probiotics... I just can’t stand so many people wasting their money on poorly made products.

That’s why I’m giving you the questions you need answers to BEFORE you purchase any probiotic supplement.

Otherwise, there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on the many benefits of probiotics like helping to …

checkmark Improve Food Digestion – so you can enjoy your favorite foods without the embarrassing gas, loud burps, stomach upsets or that bloated feeling afterwards.

checkmark Make Elimination More Regular– struggling with elimination is painful, diarrhea is frustrating and embarrassing and straining or wincing can be downright dangerous.

checkmark Cleanse Your Intestines and Colon – restore the healthy balance of good bacteria that's so important to overall health and well being.

checkmark Bolster Immune System Function – 90% of your immune system is in your gut…stay healthier and active by promoting “good” bacteria in your gut.

checkmark Look and Feel Revitalized – go back to doing the things you love by ridding yourself of that sluggish feeling. 

And the truth is…this list is just the start.  The more researchers investigate the effects of probiotics, the more health benefits they discover. 

But remember, those researchers are using high quality, properly made probiotic products.  Many of the supplements you see for sale don’t stack up.  Here’s what you need to investigate to avoid making a probiotic mistake…

With Probiotic “Hype” Machines On Full Blast,
it’s Easier Than Ever For You to Be Mislead

So the good news is a high qual­ity, properly made probiotic product can be a real difference maker in your health and life – saving you money as well as pain and suffering.

“I Refuse to Be Without This Product”

“I’ve suffered from bloating and poor digestion. After reading your article on the benefits derived from taking a probiotic, I decided to give it a try.

I’ve been taking TrueLife PB for a number of months now and I refuse to be without this product.  I feel much better with more energy. My bloating and flatulence has decreased.  I’m more vitalized and not so sluggish.  I recommend TrueLife PB to all my friends and others with similar problems.

Rome was not built in a day, so by using these products on a daily basis one of these days you will feel completed as Rome was.  Thank you again for your amazing products.”
- Herbert M. of Orlando, FL 

- Individual results may vary.

That’s the bad news too – because now every food and supplement com­pany wants a piece of the action.

And that’s why the market is flooded with a lot of misleading mar­keting and bad probiotic products for sale.

Before you purchase any probiotic supplement, here are the five questions you need to ask to ensure you’re getting a quality product…

1) How many billion live cells does the probiotic provide in a serving?

2) What company provided the probiotic cells in the capsule?

3) What type of capsule is used?

4) What is done in pack­aging to ensure the live cells remain alive?

5) Are prebiotic ingredients in each capsule?

In the next few minutes, I’ll show why these questions are important so you can avoid being ripped off when choosing a probiotic.

Better yet, I will introduce you to the best probiotic value on the market and show you how it answers all of these critical questions!

Don’t You Deserve the Best Too? 

My name is Carl Pradelli and I’m the President and CEO of NatureCity®, which I founded over a decade ago.

I have to admit that when I was first introduced to the idea of ingesting bacteria about 10 years ago, the entire notion sounded crazy.

After all, our whole lives we’ve been conditioned that bacteria is bad for us, and we should kill and avoid bacteria at all costs.  So why on earth would we want to take a capsule containing live bacteria?

“I will always take TrueLife PB –
it has totally changed my life”

“I have suffered with severe Systemic Lupus for the last 29 years.  In 1992 the disease attacked my entire gastro-intestinal tract which lead to 100% paralysis of my intestines. This was particularly devastating as I was working as an RN at the time.  My condition would leave me bed ridden from the unbearable constipation.  I could never make plans to go anywhere, and would often have to cancel appointments.  I had absolutely no quality of life. 

I am a Christian and I know the Lord has a reason for me to be here or I would have died long ago.  I was expecting my first grandchild in California and I really wanted to be there to welcome him to this world. 

A few weeks before his arrival I received the information on
TrueLife PB in the mail.  I receive all kinds of miracle cures all the time. This one was different.  I ordered it immediately and from the first box my constipation WAS BETTER!!!!!!

I will always take TrueLifePB – it has totally changed my life – well, it has given me a quality of life that I cannot remember having!  There is so much to be said for what nature can do for the body when it is used and made correctly.
I did get to make the trip to California and see my first grandchild be born and be of help!”
– Elizabeth H., Arkedelphia, AR

- Individual results may vary.

I soon learned that not all bacteria are bad, and that every day I was already consuming friendly bacteria in food – just not enough to stay healthy.

According to the Human Microbiome Project, the truth is at any given time your body contains over 10,000 different types of bacteria – and most are beneficial and essential to living well.

What’s more, even bad bacteria aren’t totally bad – in limited amounts some play a role in your body.  It’s when the balance of good bacteria versus bad bacteria gets out of whack that you run into problems.

Keeping that balance is a real challenge – and nearly impossible without the help of a quality probiotic supplement.

And I wanted the best probiotic supplement I could find for my own personal use – as well as for our clients.

That’s why over eight years ago we partnered with the world’s leading provider of probiotics to develop a product that is still head and shoulders above its peers!

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Who Makes The Probiotic Bacteria in Your Supplement?

As I mentioned before, it seems that nowadays everyone wants to get in the probiotic business.  

Hardly, a month goes by without some company contacting me to let me know they now supply probiotic bacteria. 

They offer discounts and tell me I can “save money” but I politely decline.

The reason I do this is because manufacturing probiotic bacteria properly is complicated – and I’m not going to risk my health (or yours) to someone without the right experience.

To be the best, you have to work with the best…and that’s why NatureCity® partnered with world renowned probiotic manufacturer Danisco®.

Danisco® was one of the pioneers in probiotics and has over 20 years of experience manufacturing probiotics at facilities all over the world.

They have unrivaled research capability and as important, Danisco® has a documented record of quality and safety that is unmatched.

For NatureCity® and its clients, Danisco® developed a custom probiotic blend that our clients have been raving about for the last seven years.

The product is TrueLife PB™ - and to let you in on a secret…of the 40 or so NatureCity® products, it’s the one clients reorder the most.

“Highly Recommend For Acid Reflux and Bloating””
“I suffered from occasional acid-reflux and bloating in my stomach area.  To my surprise and delight, TrueLife PB improved my digestion, and decreased the bloating.  I highly recommend TrueLife PB to anyone who suffers with bloating and acid-reflux.”
– Perry K. Houston, TX

“I made the mistake
of running out of TrueLife PB!”
“I let myself run out of TrueLife PB and I noticed the bloating, indigestion and flatulence, and irregularity were back.  A few days after my order arrived I was feeling great again.  I won’t let that happen again!” 
- Joan F.  Valatie, NY

“With TrueLife PB,
I’ve made a 100% Improvement”

“I was struggling with elimination and poor digestion.  After taking TrueLife PB for a couple of weeks I'm more regular and my digestion has improved 100%. “
– Lloyd H., Cape Fair, MO
“I Would Recommend this Product to Anyone”
“I was taking a medication for a skin issue that I had.  I thought the TrueLife PB would help balance my system.  In fact, I was already taking TrueLife PB when my doctor recommended a probiotic to me.  Said I could buy it at the drug store – but I chose your product.
Now I don’t have the indigestion problems or stomach aches and feel this is a wonderful product that I would recommend to anyone.  Your products are superior to any other products I have purchased. “
- Katherine B. Bellville, OH

- Individual results may vary.

Below I reveal what makes it so unique, and what you should insist on in any probiotic supplement – even if you don’t choose TrueLife PB™. 

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30 Billion Live Probiotic Cells
Per Capsule!

 One of the biggest problems with most probiotic supplements is they’re horribly lacking in potency.

Here’s a great example….  a well known pharmaceutical company is advertising heavily on television with their probiotic called TruBiotics™ (not to be confused with our TrueLife PB™).

Do you know how much probiotic bacteria is in this “One A Day” product?

Just a measly 1.5 billion cells.

You may be thinking 1.5 billion sounds like a lot. But consider they’re 100 trillion bacteria cells in your digestive tract.

What’s more, researchers at Harvard University report that at a bare minimum you need at least 5 billion cells a day to ensure digestive health… and many people need over 20 billion.

Yet through the power of TV, this product – which isn’t cheap – has become one of the leading probiotics sold in drug stores!

This is one example of the subpar and inferior probiotic supplements being sold – and there are many, many others.

You can - and need to - do much better.

With the guidance of the experts at Danisco®, we formulated TrueLife PB™ with 30 billion live probiotic cells in an easy-to-swallow capsule. 

This “professional strength” product is 20 times more potent than the one you see advertised on television. 

In fact, TrueLife PB™  is much more potent than most probiotic supplements you see for sale.

Better yet, these 30 billion probiotic cultures come from six different probiotic strains…

Why Multi-Strain
Probiotics Are Best…

The different types of friendly bacteria in your gut don’t just hang around, they are very active, working together – or symbiotically – to bolster your health.

As a result, you can get more benefits by feeding your body multiple probiotic strains than just one or two.

Reverse A Lifetime of Digestion Disorders In As Little As 21 Days!

In a recent client feedback survey, we asked first-time users to tell us their experience with True Life PB™.


Here’s what we found out...

checkmark A whopping 80% reported improvement in digestion!

checkmark Over 60% of folks said their elimination was improved!

checkmark Over half of our clients – a remarkable 63% -felt less bloated and experienced a decrease in embarrassing gas!

checkmark An amazing 53% experienced better immune system function!

checkmark And 56% of participants experienced higher energy levels throughout the day!

And the best part is: Over 90% of our clients reported results in less than 21 days!

In fact, a recent analysis published in the European Journal of Nutrition demonstrated this exact point. 

It looked at 16 studies comparing the efficacy of multi-strain probiotics to their component strains individually, and 75% showed multi-strain probiotic blends to be more effective.

So with about 50 probiotic strains to choose from, which ones are the best for you?


For TrueLife PB™, we didn’t just throw darts at a board to pick probiotic strains.  Each one was carefully chosen by analyzing Danisco®’s research data.

We used three criteria to evaluate probiotic strains:

1)  Ability to survive the trip from your mouth to your intestines

2) Ability to bind and colonize once in your intestines, and

3) Shown to provide significant health benefits.

Only probiotic strains that passed all of these criteria with flying colors were included in TrueLife PB™.

The result is a six strain, 30 billion live culture product that is a great “every day” probiotic supplement.

Sure there could be a reason to use a “specialty” strain to address a specific health issue…but if you’re looking for a probiotic for general everyday use, then look no further than TrueLife PB™.

Better yet, as you’ll discover in a few moments, TrueLife PB™ is also a screaming bargain!

But we have some important details you should know about first, like the probiotic strains and how much you get of each one...

The Best of the Best:
The 6 Probiotic Strains
You Get in Each Serving

As you just read, we worked closely with Danisco® in a rigorous process to choose the six best probiotic strains for TrueLife PB™.

Here are the probiotic strains and the amount of cells (CFUs) per capsule in this custom blend that’s made exclusively for NatureCity® clients…

checkmark Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14 (9.0 billion CFUs)
checkmark Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04 (9.0 billion CFUs)
checkmark Lactobacillus salivarius Ls-33 (4.5 billion CFUs)
checkmark Lactobacillus plantarum Lp-115 (4.5 billion CFUs)
checkmark Lactobacillus casei Lc-11 (1.5 billion CFUs)
checkmark Lactobacillus rhamnosus Lr-32 (1.5 billion CFUs)

“Helps fight off antibiotic side effects!”

“I have been a long term user of antibiotics for dermatology reasons. I chose the TrueLife PB product to help restore the good bacteria the antibiotics may have depleted. Plus, I believe that your product has kept me free of a cold and the flu for 3 years now!”
– Edward O., Sicklerville, NJ

“If You Could Afford Only 1 Product…”

“A doctor on one of the local Jersey channels was asked the question – “If you could afford only 1 product to take for your health, which one would it be?” His response was a probiotic.
Well I started taking TrueLifePB in August of last year.  After about two weeks I started feeling the benefits.  My digestion has improved, I don’t have that bloated feeling, and my immune system has definitely improved. I also feel more energized.
I have recommended this product to many of my family members and friends.  They have all had the same great benefits I have seen.”
– Gary D.  New Milford, NJ

- Individual results may vary.

You can see that you get a healthy serving of all six strains – each of which helps your body in different ways.  And together they work even better!

As a result it’s no surprise that we hear about wonderful benefits experienced by TrueLife PB™ users like…

Thelma from North Bend, OR who writes…
“I can eat foods I haven’t been able to eat in 20 years”

Lloyd from Cape Fair, MO…
“In a couple of weeks my elimination and digestion improved 100%”

Barry from Kingsport, TN....
“I no longer have to worry about unpredictable diarrhea attacks”

Eleanor from Yorkville, IL…
“My heartburn has virtually disappeared.  Even my doctor is a believer!”

Charles of Norman, OK…
“I’m so happy to get rid of the excess gas and bloating”

If you’ve struggled with digestion or elimination problems, you can appreciate how great these folks feel to finally be experiencing relief.

Let’s not forget – you only experience these benefits if the probiotic cells you ingest are alive when they arrive to their new home, which is in your intestines.

Here’s why the friendly bacteria in TrueLife PB can survive this treacherous journey…

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The Probiotic Bacteria in TrueLife PB™
are Bred to “Arrive Alive” 

A common question we get is “how do you protect the live probiotic bacteria from stomach acid?”

Clients have heard about things like enteric coatings or spores…but each of these has major drawbacks.  

30 Billion CFUs From These 6 Premium Probiotic Strains...


1) L. acidophilus La-14 (9.0 billion CFUs) – helps reduce occasional diarrhea, improve gut barrier function, boost colon health and enhance immune system function.

2) B. lactis Bl-04 (9.0 billion CFUs) – helps improve elimination, boost immune system function and ease intestinal discomfort.

3) L. salivarius Ls-33 (4.5 billion CFUs) – helps modulate the immune system, control gut inflammation and balance acid levels.

4) L. plantarum Lp-115 (4.5 billion CFUs) – helps soothe irritable bowels, reduce flatulence, cramps and bloating, improve overall GI function and  shore up “leaky gut”.

5) L. casei Lc-11 (1.5 billion CFUs) – helps boost immune function, improve elimination and improve overall digestion.

6) L. rhamnosus Lr-32 (1.5 billion CFUs) – helps boost immune function and improve overall GI health.

Fortunately, we don’t have to resort to any of these methods because the friendly bacteria we use are grown to naturally survive the journey from your mouth to your intestines.

Danisco specifically cultivates the probiotic cells under harsh conditions so they develop the ability to adapt and survive in the various environments the probiotic cells will encounter while travelling through your digestive tract.

This includes being able to resist stomach acid and survive in both acid and alkaline ph environments.

But there’s more than just stomach acid to survive. 

The probiotic cells in TrueLife PB™ also resist digestive enzymes, which break down nutrients.  Some of these enzymes include pepsin, amylase, lipase and protease.

And last, even if probiotic cells survive stomach acid and digestive enzymes, they can still be destroyed by bile salts in the small intestine. The probiotic strains in TrueLife PB™ have been shown to tolerate bile salts also.

The bottom line is that all six probiotic strains in TrueLife PB™ have been cultivated in a manner to survive every major challenge they face in the gastrointestinal tract, allowing them to flourish in your intestines and boost your health.  

And clinical studies have borne this out.

As such, because the probiotic cells have the natural ability to withstand stomach acid and other challenges, there is no need to apply an enteric coating to the cells. 

This is good because enteric coating can shorten the life span of probiotic cells.

Similarly, the probiotic strains in TrueLife PB™ don’t need to be made from spores.  This is important because if spores enter the bloodstream through the intestines, it could compromise your immune system.

Even though the TrueLife PB™ probiotic strains can survive on their own, we don’t take any chances.

We use special capsules that ensure the probiotics aren’t damaged in the stomach…

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DRcaps® Delay Release of Probiotic Powder
Until Capsule Leaves The Stomach

When you take a product with a normal capsule, the capsule starts to dissolve immediately, and after about 15 minutes it is completely disintegrated – emptying the powder into the stomach.

For TrueLife PB™, we use a special vegetarian capsule called DRcaps®.  I’m not sure if the “DR” stands for “delayed release” or “digestion resistant” but both are fitting descriptions.

You see, the DRcaps® don’t begin releasing the powder till about 52 minutes after you take TrueLife PB™ – at which time the capsule is leaving the stomach and about to enter the intestines.

And over the next hour or two, the probiotics cells inside the TrueLife PB™ capsules are fully released into the intestines – where they can immediately go to work boosting your health.

I think you’ll agree that the use of the clinically proven DRcaps® effectively eliminates any concern you may have about the probiotics surviving the trip through the stomach.

Better yet, DRcaps® accomplish this very elegantly and safely – and without the use of coatings or undesirable solvents or chemicals.

Next, I’d like to share with you what the probiotic cells in TrueLife PB™ are made from…

TrueLife PB™
Probiotics Are Made
from Non-Animal and
Non-GMO Sources 

Sometimes folks assume probiotics are cultured strictly from dairy based products, but that’s not the case.

In fact, none of the probiotic bacteria in TrueLife PB™ is from dairy or animal sources.

All 30 billion originate from non-GMO vegetable or plant products (and they’re gluten-free too).


What’s more, Danisco® uses a patented stabilization technology to freeze-dry the live probiotic cells.

This keeps them alive, but in a state of “suspended animation” until you’re ready to put them to work by ingesting a TrueLife PB™ capsule.

You also may find it interesting that this technology allows you to store TrueLife PB™ on a shelf instead of a refrigerator. 

The probiotic cells can survive at room temperature for the full 18 month expiration period (if you want to be extra careful and store TrueLife PB™ in your refrigerator, you still can).

The other very important part of ensuring the potency of your probiotic is making sure the elements don’t disrupt the live probiotic cells from their secure freeze-dried state…

Why You Should Avoid
Bottled Probiotics...

So far we’ve covered what should be in the capsule and how the probiotic cultures should be made.

This next topic is just as important to ensure the friendly bacteria cells are alive when you use the product.  As you know, dead probiotic cells don’t benefit you in any meaningful way.

In case you don’t know, the biggest enemies of freeze dried probiotics are oxygen, moisture, light and extreme heat.  All of these will awaken the probiotic cells which can lead to their destruction. 

For this reason, packaging the capsule in a bottle is a bad decision and can cause the product to rapidly degrade.  And it doesn’t matter if the bottle is plastic or glass, you’ll still lose potency.

Just consider that every time you open the cap on the bottle, you’re exposing the 30 billion live cells to light, air and moisture… it’s practically a death sentence.

TrueLife PB™ is carefully made and packaged to protect the delicate probiotic cells.

This process starts with the capsule.  You want a veggie capsule made of cellulose to house the probiotic powder in your supplement. 

Although these capsules are more expensive to produce, they keep out the moisture and humidity better than anything else – which is why we exclusively use veggie capsules for TrueLife PB™.

Here’s what Men and Women Who Used To Have Terrible Digestive Pain Have to Say About TrueLife PB™...

“Diarrhea is gone!”
“No more loose bowels when taking my diabetes medications or antibiotics. Thanks TrueLife PB™!”
-Eleanor F. – Yorkville, IL

“Bye Bye Bloating!”
“I was suffering with bloating, no energy, occasional acid reflux. Now I have more energy and I don’t get sick as often. Also my indigestion problems have gone away and I don’t have as much bloating.”
-Diane G., Honeoye, NY

“Now, I have more energy to do the things I love!”

“I was struggling with a sluggish immune system. Since I started taking TrueLife PB, I now have regular elimination and more energy to go on my hikes in the Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas!”
-Norm B. – Los Vegas, NV

“Irregularity is a thing of the past…
“I had serious stomach surgery in 1999. Since then I had always had bouts of irregularity. TrueLife PB has changed my Life! Irregularity is a thing of the past.”
-Jan A. – Paducah, KY

“Feeling great at 89!”
“I had a lot of indigestion and bloating. After taking the TrueLife PB™ each morning the indigestion and bloating has been eliminated. I’ve also been more regular. I am a long time gardener so I do a lot of bending and squatting – pretty good for an 89 year old.”
– Eunice M., Mesa, AZ

“A lot less gas”

“I always had gas and bloating, tried other products, but yours worked longer and more efficient. I seem to have more energy and stamina and release of pressure from gas that I used to have!”
-Jerry L., New York, NY

- Individual results may vary.

Even better, as you just read, we use a special brand of veggie capsules knows as DRcaps® that ensure the live probiotic cells won’t be damaged by stomach acid.  
After the probiotics have been encapsulated and tested for potency and purity, each TrueLife PB™ capsule is placed in its own individual blister pack chamber under a “nitrogen blanket.”

Why is this important?

Simply because nitrogen is a very dry sub­stance that helps keep oxygen and moisture out of the chamber.

Finally, the chambers are sealed using a double foil seal that keeps the light out. 

At this point, three blister pack sleeves are packed into a box – and ready to be shipped to your home.

This comprehensive system assures that the product you’re purchasing will be at the peak of freshness when you use it.

All you do is pop open one of the TrueLife PB™ capsules from its individually sealed chamber and take it - without disturbing or harming the rest of your capsules.

This packaging is definitely the best way to go – else you’ll likely be flushing money and expected health benefits down the toilet.

So you may be wondering…why doesn’t every company package their probiotic this way?

The answer is money.  It’s very easy and cheap to pour 30 capsules into a bottle. It’s much more expensive to go through the extra steps that we use for TrueLife PB™.

But I think our health is worth the extra dollars…as I said earlier I’m not settling for anything but the BEST!

Click here to try TrueLife PB™ RISK FREE!

Another Extra Step: Including
Prebiotics in TrueLife PB™

You can see great care is taken to ensure the 30 billion probiotic cells in each TrueLife PB™ capsule remain “sleeping” in their freeze dried state until you take the capsule.

So you may be wondering, what happens if some of them wake up?

Well, in ordinary, run of the mill probiotic supplements these probiotic cells will die of starvation.

As you can imagine, upon awakening from a long sleep, probiotic cells are famished and desperately need nutrition to survive.  And when they can’t find any food, they die.

I promise you, we didn’t ignore this concern for TrueLife PB™. 

Even though we take many extra steps to make sure probiotic cells aren’t exposed to the elements that will wake them up (i.e. light, moisture, oxygen) – we took the precaution of having food available in the event any cells do wake up.

You may be familiar with the term prebiotics.  A prebiotic is simply an ingredient that serves as food for probiotics.  A good example of a prebiotic is dietary fiber – but there are numerous others.

You’ll be please to know that TrueLife PB™ is formulated with two prebiotics.

So if some of the cells awaken, these cells will have food available to help keep them alive.  If the cells stay asleep, the prebiotics won’t go to waste – they’ll help feed the friendly bacteria in your intestines.

“I Can Eat Foods I Haven’t Been Able to Eat in 20 Years”

“I was unable to eat a lot of food choices, before taking TrueLife PB. Now I can eat a lot of foods that I had not been able to eat for over 20 years. 

It was great to enjoy foods I missed for so long, hard to believe it is possible.  Thank you for your product.  My husband, bless his heart, talked me into trying it.  I hope that I can inspire others to try your TrueLife PB.” 
-Thelma & John Y of North Bend, OR

“I get a much better result with your probiotic”

“I had trouble with staying regular and gas.  I was at the time taking a different probiotic but I had to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  I like your TrueLife PB much better and I am getting a much better result. 
My digestion has improved.  Elimination is better and no more gas Yea!! I feel much better all the way around.  Thank you.”
– Sally F. Salt Lake City, UT

- Individual results may vary.

The first of these prebiotics is a fiber from chicory root known as inulin (not to be confused with insulin).

Inulin contains compounds known as fructo-oligosaccharides, or better “FOS”, that friendly bacteria love to consume – thus it is a very desirable prebiotic.

The second prebiotic is called ACTAZIN™ - a high quality extract of New Zealand green kiwifruit.
ACTAZIN™ helps your digestion and elimination in many ways, and clinical studies have found it to be a potent prebiotic.
ACTAZIN™ has the unique ability to selectively feed bacteria known to enhance a healthy gut.  This is an advantage over most other prebiotics which feed all bacteria – good and bad – indiscriminately.

Even If Your Probiotics Survive Can
They Bind to Your Intestines? 

If probiotics were glass, they would be fine crystal…highly desirable, but very fragile and requiring careful handling.


I hope you agree that with TrueLife PB™ we more than pass the “handle with care” test. 

I can’t repeat enough how important it is to choose a probiotic supplement that ensures the probiotic cells are alive. 

If you don’t ask the right questions before you purchase a product, you have no real way to tell if the probiotic cells are alive – until you fail to get expected benefits.

As an educated probiotic consumer, the next thing you need to inquire about is the ability of the probiotic strains to adhere – or bind – to the lining of your intestines.

Probiotic microorganisms that can’t bind to and colonize in your intestines are just as worthless as dead probiotics.  They’ll simply be eliminated when you go to the bathroom.

Yet, most supplement consumers – even the more savvy folks – rarely ask about the binding ability of probiotic strains.

We’re always asked about surviving the journey to the gut, but rarely does someone ask about this equally important issue.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the selection criteria we used when evaluating different probiotic strains for TrueLife PB™ was the… “ability to bind and colonize”.

Danisco® has clinical research data on the adherence levels of all of the various probiotic strains. For TrueLife PB™, we only selected strains that had demonstrated excellent or “four star” binding ability.

So not only can you take TrueLife PB™ with the assurance that the probiotic bacteria will be alive and intact when reaching your intestines, you can be equally confident that they will bind and colonize too.

This allows the 30 billion probiotic cells to go to work.  And here’s a quick summary of what they do…

Occupy Space to “Box Out” Harmful Bacteria. One of the most important things probiotic bacteria do is prevent harmful bacteria from getting a foothold inside your intestines. 

When they are there first, probiotics effectively “box out” the bad bacteria. This prevents the bad stuff from growing in your body where it can cause you many health problems and digestion disorders.

Protect Against “Leaky Gut”. Another key function of probiotics is improving the health of the gastrointestinal barrier that separates gut contents from your bloodstream. By improving the function of this barrier and reducing leaks, you stop unwanted and harmful substances from being absorbed into your body.

Bolster Systhesis and Use of Key Vitamins.  Probiotic bacteria can stimulate the production of nutrients such as vitamin K and help your body use others like B vitamins.

Friendly bacteria also bolster immune function by producing substances that inhibit growth of harmful bacteria.  This improves your health in many ways beyond the welcomed digestion and colon benefits.

When you use a premium quality probiotic like TrueLife PB™ each day, you can start to experience benefits pretty quickly.  

In fact, a recent survey of TrueLife PB™ users found that about 25% started to see benefits after just one week…and by the end of week three, 90% were seeing results.

“I tried three other probiotics and can say TrueLife PB is the best!”

“I used to get sick several times a year.  In addition, I felt sluggish and had cholesterol, and blood sugar problems. I read somewhere that health starts in the gut, so I changed my diet, started moderate exercise and began taking TrueLife PB along with other targeted supplements. 
I tried three other probiotics with lower bacteria amounts and one with more, but packaged in a bottle.  I feel your well-sealed package guarantees me the full 30 billion dosage because I can tell it’s working.

Within a week of switching my digestive system began to improve.  After my first 3 month supply, my stool was more consistent and I now have 2-3 regular bowel movements daily.  Better yet, no more sickness!

I always order your digestion package with the TrueLife PB and AloeCran.  As a result, my blood sugar and blood lipid numbers are greatly improved.  I now have a good friend of mine on these products and he is thrilled as well.

NatureCity goes the extra mile to ensure quality.  Your service reps are always so friendly and helpful with pointing out specials or deals to save me money!”
– Robert B. Lousville, KY

- Individual results may vary.

This includes individuals like Joanne from St.Charles, MI who said:

“In just 2 or 3 weeks I was having regular bowel movements. Elimination was no longer a problem.”

Mary Lou of Deming, NM...

“I had plenty of problems so I started to take TrueLife PB.  I felt better after about three weeks and at my next visit to my doctor, he said ‘this was a very good choice.’”

Stan from Colorado Springs, CO...

“After I had my gall bladder removed I had constant heartburn.  Antacids did not work for me – in fact – it made it worse.  After using TrueLifePB I haven’t had heartburn as much.  It’s a wonderful product.  No more digestive problems for me!”

That’s just a handful of the many TrueLife PB™ success stories. And this may be the best part… compared to other probiotics TrueLife PB™ is a screaming bargain!!

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Not Only A Great Product...
A Great Value Too!

To prepare for my discussion with you about the value of TrueLife PB™, I did some shopping this week. And - holy cow - what I discovered shocked me. The bottom line is it appears we charge our clients way too little for TrueLife PB™!  Even so, don’t worry I’m not raising the price on you.

Let me explain what I found. 

I went to my local drug store and examined three of their most popular probiotic supplements.

The first was called the “CVS Adult 50+ Probiotic.”  It has 10 probiotic strains with a total of just 4 billion probiotic cells (or CFUs – colony forming units).  And the cost for 30 capsules was $13.76.

Then I picked up the TruBiotics™ product I mentioned earlier. This supplement had even less CFUs – 1.5 billion cells from two strains.  It was $14.24 for 30 capsules.

Last I looked at the Align Probiotic.  This is a single strain probiotic with just 1.0 billion CFUs.  And what was the price for 30 capsules? A crazy $24.80!

Worse, a couple of these products were packaged in a bottle, which we know is a huge mistake.

So given these prices, what’s the value of TrueLife PB™?

Well even if you combine the probiotic CFUs in all three of these leading products…you get just 7.5 billion CFUs.

That’s still 4 times less than the 30 billion CFUs found in one TrueLife PB™ capsule.

This means you’d have to buy 4 bottles of each product to match the potency in one box of TrueLife PB™. 

How much would that cost?  Using the prices above…you’d pay a whopping $211.00!

You’ll be happy to know that TrueLife PB™ doesn’t cost anywhere near that much money.   In fact, a box of TrueLife PB™ is just $29.97….a true bargain.

But today, I’m not stopping there.  I want to make it as easy as possible for you to give TrueLife PB™ a try…

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As Little As $24.83 A Box...

You’ve seen how TrueLife PB™ is made with six of the most potent probiotic strains available.

You’ve seen that these strains are clinically proven to both survive the journey from your mouth to your intestines AND bind and colonize in your intestines.

You’ve seen the superior potency of TrueLife PB™ with 30 billion probiotic cells per capsule.

You’ve seen that we use the innovative DRcaps® to ensure that the live probiotics aren’t destroyed in the stomach.

“My Family Loves TreuLife PB!”

“My daughters and I all use TrueLife PB. We have all had a remarkable change in digestion since taking TrueLife PB. I feel wonderful!”
– Elaine D., Northfield, NH

“I Feel Like My System Has Been Cleaned Out”

“I take a lot of antibiotics due to a condition that I have.  This causes me a lot of problems at both ends. I get gas, bloating, diarrhea, stomach upset and thrush outbreaks in my mouth.
Since I started taking TrueLife PB I feel like my system has been cleaned out.  I don’t have the hard stomach anymore from the gas and bloating and I am much more regular.  My stomach upset is much less and I haven’t had a breakout of thrush lately.”
– Edward C. Fairfield, CA

- Individual results may vary.

You’ve seen the extra steps we take in packaging to ensure the probiotic bacteria is alive when you take the product – including adding prebiotics.

And you’ve read countless TrueLife PB™ reviews from clients who are so thankful they tried this wonderful product.

But the best way for you to see the difference TrueLife PB™ can make on your health is to give it a try yourself.

As I mentioned usually the price for a single box of TrueLife PB™ is $29.97 – a bargain considering what is inside.

However, you can save a lot more with NatureCity®’s multiple box special offers.

For example, I strongly recommend you try our 6 box Best Value Deal.   With this deal you reduce your bottle cost to only $24.83…that’s another 17% savings!

Your Order Comes With
A One Year Money Back Guarantee!

I’m extremely confident you’re going to enjoy TrueLife PB™... so much so that I’m willing to give you a full one year guarantee on your order.

If for any reason you are not satis­fied with TrueLife PB™, you can return the unused portion of your order and receive a full refund.

Again, this money back guarantee isn’t good for just 30 days…or 60 days…it’s good for 365 days.

So please give TrueLife PB™ a try, because I’m almost positive that when you contact us again… you’ll be ask­ing us to rush you more TrueLife PB™ - not to return your order!

Now it’s up to you!

Order now and we’ll have your TrueLife PB™ on its way to you within 24 hours!

Yours for good health,

Carl Pradelli,
President & CEO,

TrueLife PB™

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I want to put an end to my worst digestion problems - and experience all the benefits of TrueLife PB™ today! I understand that I can take up to a full YEAR to decide if TrueLife PB™ is working for me. And if I’m not 110% satisfied, I can return the product for a FULL REFUND!

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