Aloecran for your Good Health!
“At age 75, I’m
finally regular”
- Martha C., Shalimar, FL
“My heartburn
is under control”
- Nancy S., Alvin, TX
“I have more energy!”
- John L., Frostburg, MD
“My cholesterol
is normal”
- Terry C., Austin, TX
“My blood sugar
is under control”
- Lester L., Sacramento, CA

If You Too Want to Do 
Better than “Just Getting By”…

Dear Friend,

We are thrilled that so many Americans have given the AloeCran™ drink powder a chance over the last 15 years and are now delighted that they did.

In fact, by our count, to date our clients have drunk over 35 million glasses of AloeCran™!

If you’re already a fan of AloeCran™ we thank you - if not, please give me just a few minutes of your time to introduce to you to a product that may make a big difference in your life, as it has for these others.

You see, AloeCran™ is a nutritious, refreshing drink that I can proudly say was ahead of its time. Over a decade ago AloeCran™ already featured what health experts are touting for you today such as…

“no sugar”…“no artificial sweeteners”…“no preservatives”…“no GMOs”… “gluten free”…“natural ingredients”…“no fat”…“low calorie”…“fiber enriched”…“whole food ingredients”… and using the natural sweeteners “stevia and luo han.”

That’s all well and good, but even more exciting is the long list of health benefits you may experience from the key ingredients in AloeCran™ such as helping to…

“I Feel Better Than I’ve Felt in YEARS!”

“I love the AloeCran powder drink mix. I drink AloeCran along with eating a healthy diet. I love the fact that it tastes great, has only 10 calories, is sugar free, and has no artificial sweeteners.

Since starting AloeCran two years ago, I’ve lost 15-20 lbs, and my blood sugar and cholesterol are in a normal range. I am almost 60 years old and I feel better than I’ve felt in years – especially without carrying all that extra weight with me.

I mix AloeCran with a bottle of spring water four mornings a week. I drink it with my breakfast before I have my coffee.”
– Donna M. Malden, MA

“All I can say is ‘WOW’, this product
is so amazing!!”

"I was having occassional issues with reflux and wanted to find a natural product to help me. So I went online and came upon AloeCran. All I can say is ‘WOW’, this product is so amazing!!

I drink it every day at least 2-3 times a day and love it. I am able to pretty much eat anything I want because my digestion is so much better now!

I recommend AloeCran to anyone looking for digestion help. It really works and the customer service people are so friendly, caring and helpful - they are one of a few companies I’ve dealt with that actually care about our health and well being!”
– Jennifer N. Queens, NY
Individual results may vary

naturecity Relieve occasional heartburn, acid reflux and constipation

naturecity Improve overall digestion

naturecity Ease gas and bloating

naturecity Boost absorption of key vitamins

naturecity Soothe the stomach lining and irritable bowels

naturecity Promote “good bacteria” in intestines

naturecity Support colon health by increasing stool transit time,
        volume and moisture

naturecity Maintain normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels

naturecity Boost “good” HDL cholesterol

naturecity Protect “bad” LDL cholesterol from oxidation damage

naturecity Improve C-reactive protein (CRP), a measure of inflammation

naturecity Support healthy blood sugar levels

naturecity Promote healthy insulin levels

naturecity Boost urinary tract health

naturecity Support prostate health in men

naturecity Reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles

naturecity Control hunger by prolonging stomach emptying time

This list may look overwhelming or perhaps even hard to believe.

All I ask is that you give me a chance, and I’ll show you the scientific evidence supporting each and every benefit.

As important, you’ll hear from many more folks across the United States who have actually experienced these benefits. 

You’ll see they absolutely rave about AloeCran™ and what it has done for their lives.

They’re anxious to tell their story so others – like you – can improve their health too.

But put aside health benefits for a moment.  You’ll want to drink AloeCran™ simply because you enjoy it!

One of the reasons AloeCran™ has become so popular is because it’s not a typical health drink that you have to force down, or get used to the taste.


“For 15 years we’ve been successfully serving Americans with their health needs.  Here is what makes us different:

naturecity “If we won’t take it, we don’t make it.”  We make products for ourselves and for our clients…and we demand the best in quality and safety.

naturecity Our products are made with the actual branded ingredients shown to work in clinical studies – no cheap substitutes.

naturecity When you call NatureCity®, you’re speaking to NatureCity® – orders are taken, processed and shipped from the same facility in Boca Raton, Florida.

naturecity All products are “Assembled in the USA” with carefully chosen NSF certified manufacturing partners.

naturecity Your order comes with a full one year 100% Money Back Guarantee.

naturecity We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

naturecity We Care About You!

You’ll look forward to each glass…whether it’s with meals, while watching television, sitting outside, reading, or working – just like I’m doing right now.

It’s a delightful indulgence that you can enjoy without any guilt... sort of like a sin with only good consequences!

And while you’re sitting back and enjoying AloeCran™, you’ll also be unleashing a tidal wave of nutrients that can help your body in the 17 ways listed above. 

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Who We Are… and Why You
Were Sent This Brochure

My name is Carl Pradelli and I started our company, NatureCity®, from scratch over 15 years ago.

Our clients often ask me “Why’d you start NatureCity?”

Frankly, it was simply because I couldn’t find nutritional supplements that I felt confident taking - or recommending to family and friends.

Plus, I just didn’t know who to trust or believe. 

For example, I’d walk into a health food store, see a wall of pills and be overwhelmed and intimidated. 

What products are right for me? Which are the best?  How many do I need to take?

Of course the sales people would offer to help, but truthfully they had little knowledge about the ingredients and products.

Worse is the way these store employees are paid – or should I say bribed – by the product manufacturers. 

They get “rewarded” with a special bonus or “spiff” for selling particular brands.   It’s not hard to figure out that making extra money trumps their interest in giving me the best advice for my health.

On top of this, I found many companies use a “bait and switch” tactic with their formulas. 

They’ll tell you about exciting new research findings with an ingredient…and then sell you a product that doesn’t use the same quality or quantity ingredient used in the study. 

“Just Saying Thank You is Not Nearly Enough...”

Testimonial“I have had problems all my life trying to be regular, but with no success. People that don’t have the problem do not understand how miserable it makes you feel. I am 75 and tried everything over the counter and doctor recommended but nothing worked.

I got a notice from your company and decided to try AloeCran and was rewarded with blessed relief. I am so very thankful you sent the notice and that I tried it. It not only tasted good but boy does it work.

I have the problem no more. Just saying thank you is not nearly enough but I do not know how else to say how I feel. Thank you so much for making my life so much better!”
– Martha C., Shalimar, FL

Individual results may vary

Instead you get a cheap substitute or they don’t give you the serving amount found to be beneficial in the study.

The bottom line is my health – and yours – is too important to risk settling for anything less than the best…and that’s why I felt the need to make my own products.

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“If we won’t take it,
we don’t make it.”

If there’s only one thing I hope you remember about NatureCity®, it’s the following line…“If we won’t take it, we don’t make it.”

The reality is our employees, families and friends have the same health concerns as you. We formulate NatureCity® products for ourselves as much as for our clients.

Since we all demand nothing but the best, that’s what NatureCity® constantly strives to provide – even when it costs the business more money.

And if we have a concern about a product or ingredient that would cause us to hesitate for even a second about using it – you’ll never see it in a bottle with the NatureCity® logo.

“Small Town Rules”

One thing that really rubs me the wrong way is how service has gone the way of the horse and buggy when you deal with most companies. Let’s face it, good service is really hard to find these days.

Aloecran Juice

A lot of this is due to “out-sourcing” work to third parties to save money.  I’m proud that NatureCity® is very different in this regard also...from day 1 we’ve been “in-sourcing.”

Our employees still take your order, process and ship your order, and are always available to serve you and answer questions.

All our folks do is work with NatureCity® products, which is why they’re very knowledgeable about them. 

If they can’t answer a question you have, they or I will find the answer ASAP.  We all work under the same roof here in Boca Raton, Florida.

I believe doing business this way is a throwback to the old days of personal, caring service. It’s like we’re all part of the same small town – where you’re treated like a human being, not a transaction.

Other companies don’t do this anymore because it’s a very expensive way to do business. And we certainly took our lumps, losing a lot of money for many years while NatureCity® was getting off the ground.

But we stuck with it because we believe folks like you are worth it.  And now we’re blessed to serve about 80,000 Americans from all over our great country!

I sincerely hope you too give us a chance to help make your life better. That’s why I sent you this brochure on AloeCran™, one of our most popular products - and a personal favorite of mine too.

AloeCran™ arrives at your home as a drink powder.  All you do is add a scoop of powder to 6oz to 8oz of water – depending on how sweet you want it to be – and in a snap, you have a great tasting, all natural sugar-free drink.

Here’s what you get in each delicious, nutritious glass…

Aloecran Juice

Not Just Another
“Flavor of the Month”!

You don’t sell over 35 million glasses – and growing each day – by being some fly-by-night fad.

AloeCran™ has been able to thrive because it combines great taste and premium quality, clinically proven nutritional ingredients that deliver real results.

It starts with one of nature’s greatest creations, Aloe vera…

ACTIValoe® Organic Aloe vera

For over 2,000 years, people from countries all over the world have joyfully reported the remarkable health benefits of Aloe vera.

The ancient Egyptians nicknamed it “Plant of Immortality.”  In Japan Aloe vera is popularly called “No Need of a Doctor.” Native Americans labeled it as the “Silent Healer.”

Modern science has started to unlock the powers of Aloe vera…and it is truly one of nature’s most valuable gifts to our health.

My good friend Dr. Ivan Danhof, who is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on Aloe vera, was the first to dissect the plant for the purpose of identifying its nutritional value. 

This work started over 30 years ago and still isn’t complete!  By last count, Dr. Danhof and other researchers have discovered 330 different bioactive nutritional compounds in Aloe vera.

As Dr. Danhof told me, no other plant on the planet comes close to Aloe vera’s nutritional complexity.  It is truly unique – which helps explain why the plant has survived and thrived on Earth for over 3,000 years.

For you, the challenge is getting all of the wonderful nutrients found in a fresh Aloe vera leaf every day while in your home.  And that’s where ACTIValoe® comes in.

We chose ACTIValoe® for AloeCran™ because it’s made with a dehydration technology - called Qmatrix™ - that sets a new standard for Aloe vera quality.

Here’s the ACTIValoe® bottom line: when you add water to make a glass of AloeCran™, the Aloe vera will still be “farm fresh.”

Aloecran Juice

It’s as pure and potent as if you freshly squeezed the juice from an Aloe leaf. You couldn’t do better than ACTIValoe® even if the Aloe field was in your backyard.

And ACTIValoe® is 100% organic – from start to finish absolutely no chemicals, pesticides or preservatives are used.

There’s a reason why ACTIValoe® has been frequently used in scientific studies – it’s simply “best in class.”

So regardless of what health benefits you seek from Aloe vera – digestion and intestinal health, blood sugar control, or heart health – the presence of ACTIValoe® in AloeCran™ provides maximum potency!

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PACran® Whole Cranberry Powder

Growing up, cranberries meant one thing – Thanksgiving…which is still my favorite holiday.

Back then I had no idea these native North American berries were chock full of health benefits.


Recently, the extraordinary power of these health boosting berries was demonstrated in a report published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The USDA looked at 19 fruits commonly eaten by Americans and found that cranberries were #1 in antioxidant capacity - and it wasn’t even close. Blueberries were a distant #2.

This finding underscores how much scientists have misunderstood and underestimated the cranberry.

For decades, scientists thought cranberries helped urinary tract infections (UTIs) by acidifying the urine – making it hard for infection causing E. coli bacteria to survive in the urinary tract.

Frankly this didn’t make sense for two reasons: (1) Cranberries barely reduced the ph of urine – meaning it wasn’t more acidic and (2) Other fruits with similar acids didn’t help UTIs.

Finally, in 1994, Harvard Medical School researchers discovered that a class of antioxidants in cranberry, known as “proanthocyanidins” or PACs, that seemed to be the difference makers.

Following up on this work, in 2002, researchers from the University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University were able to show that the PACs in cranberry help prevent E. coli bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract walls.

Instead, E. coli passes through and is flushed from your body during urination – resulting in a healthier urinary tract.

Many fruits contain PACs (grapes, apples, etc.), but the specific structural type found in cranberry offers these unique “anti-adhesion” capabilities.

 This discovery opened up an entire new world of cranberry research beyond urinary tract health.

So what do you think many supplement companies did?  They started isolating the PACs…to sell high PAC products.  After all, more is better, right?

Not so fast. Recent research has found that whole cranberry fruit products are better than cranberry fractions such as PACs. 

Once again we learn not to mess with what Mother Nature created!

That’s why AloeCran™ contains the world’s premier whole cranberry ingredient named PACran® (pronounced “pack cran”).

PACran® is an all natural, 100% cranberry fruit ingredient.  With PACran®, you get every part of the cranberry – the juice, flesh, skin and seeds.

Better yet, PACran®’s benefits have been demonstrated in multiple clinical studies conducted in the U.S and internationally.

Aloecran Juice

One of the keys to PACran®’s potency is the type of cranberries used – which are the rare “Early Black” cranberries.  In fact, these berries are harvested from cranberry bogs in Massachusetts that are over 100 years old!

Early Blacks are used because they’re the most potent cranberries around – and are the reason why PACran® contains 1.5% PACs, which is twice as much as other whole cran­berry powders. 

That means 100% more potency for you!

Fibersol®-2 Soluble Fiber

A recent survey by the International Food Information Council found that 72% of Americans are trying to consume more fiber each day.

And for good reason…we don’t get close to what we need!

Here is the simple math on fiber...

Both the USDA and the Institute of Medicine advises that adults get 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories consumed.

So if you eat the typical 2,000 calories each day, you should get 28 grams of fiber.

How much fiber does the average American get?

Only 12g to 16g. - we struggle to get HALF of what is needed.

And in case you don’t know, fiber is needed to…

…manage cholesterol and triglyceride levels, keep blood sugar in a good range, boost digestion, improve intestinal health and elimination, keep weight and fat under control and boost immune health.

So just take some fiber supplements, right?  Again - not so fast.

Here are a couple of the problems with the fiber in many supplements…

For starters, there is the taste.  Most fibers taste really bad…so you definitely don’t look forward to eating or drinking them.

Worse is the extra gas and acid release that cause you needless discomfort.  This happens because almost 100% of these fiber ingredients ferment in the intestines.

Again, who in their right mind can look forward to something which results in bloating and embarrassing gas?

Certainly not me…and that’s why we use Fibersol®-2 in AloeCran™.

One of the great features of FiberSol®-2 is that it’s odorless and tasteless. This is in contrast to other fiber supplements that often have a “chalky” or otherwise nasty taste.

Even better, only about 50% of FiberSol®-2 ferments in your large intestine. So you don’t have to worry about Fibersol®-2 causing gas or releasing acid in your gut.

What’s more, Fibersol®-2 is a completely “clean” fiber.  It is extracted from corn in Iowa and is completely free of bacteria, GMO proteins, toxins and harmful pathogens - making it very safe.

Meet NatureCity®’s Manufacturing Partner:
Vitaquest International

You can look at a bottle and see the ingredient listing, but do you really know what’s in the product and who actually made it?

Before taking any dietary supplement, you should know the answer to those questions.

For AloeCran™ and many other fine NatureCity® products, we partnered with the world’s leading supplement manufacturer, Vitaquest International.

Vitaquest shares our mission of quality and safety, and has the facilities and staff to make sure every NatureCity® product exceeds our expectations.

It all starts with the raw materials – which are tested before, during and after a jar of AloeCran™ is made. 

On top of this, the finished AloeCran™ powder is analyzed to make sure each scoop of powder gives you the amount of the ingredients you see on the label – and that each and every jar has 30 servings of AloeCran™.

Doing all of this work properly is no small feat.  Vitaquest has a highly trained staff of 17 degreed chemists under the supervision of 3 resident Ph.Ds.

As important, this staff has state-of-the-art laboratory and production equipment that is the envy of most other manufacturers.

The quality and manufacturing process is regularly inspected by the FDA and meets - and in most cases exceeds – all current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) required by the FDA.

Even better, the operations have been assessed by the independent NSF International, who granted its NSF seal of approval to Vitaquest.

This is why we have partnered with Vitaquest for every jar of AloeCran™ for the last 15 years. 

You and all NatureCity® clients can be confident and rest assured that what’s in AloeCran™ should be in AloeCran™!

The icing on the cake is there have been over 100 research papers and clinical studies published on Fibersol®-2 in the last two decades.

And this work has shown that  Fibersol®-2 provides just about all of the health benefits you want from fiber…which we’ll review in a few moments.

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AloeCran and
Your Digestion

I feel like AloeCran has overhauled my system.  My acid reflux, bloating and constipation are gone and my blood sugar is under control. 

AloeCran is great and has done what  you said it would do.”

The note above comes from a client in Troy, Tennessee named Kenneth.  He started using AloeCran™ in 2010 and is ecstatic how it has improved his digestion and gastrointestinal system.

Let’s face it, occasional stomach problems are not something to be ignored…because poor digestion is the root cause of many serious conditions.

And these problems are becoming more and more common. In fact, it has been estimated that 4 out of 5 adults report a serious gut issue during their lifetime.

So how can AloeCran™ help?

It starts with ACTIValoe®.  Many people drink liquid Aloe vera for digestion…but few realize how it actually helps.

The first to truly study Aloe vera’s digestive benefits was Dr. Jeffrey Bland when he was at the Linus Pauling Institute.

In his clinical study, Dr. Bland found drinking 2oz of Aloe vera three times daily helped patients in the following ways…

(1) Made digestion of food easier without causing diarrhea.

(2) Balanced acid levels by acting as a mild antacid – gut pH increased by an average of 1.86 units.

(3) Acted as a prebiotic - promoting “good” bacteria in the colon.

“I didn’t realize how good AloeCran was for me until I stopped using it”


“I’ve been using AloeCran for quite a while. I’d forgotten how different I felt after starting it until I had to have an operation and I was hospitalized for days without my products. When I got back home and restarted taking my AloeCran, within days I felt so much better.

I have become more regular, decreased flatulence and constipation. This has left me more energized and with a feeling of well being.

After using AloeCran and TrueAloe within a matter of months my cholesterol readings were better. Amazing – thank you!”
– Lee M., Frederic, MI

“I showed it to my doctor and he said ‘Good’”
Testimonial“I drink a glass of AloeCran every day. Two scoops of AloeCran in a glass of water. I don’t have to go to the doctor as much with it. I showed it to my doctor and he said “Good.”
– Willard T., Phil Campbell, AL
Individual results may vary

What’s more, many of the patients were excited to finally be regular and free of gas and bloating after eating. 

Still better, some had more energy and were just plain happier!

Dr. Bland wrote that he believes Aloe vera also boosts the absorption of nutrients during digestion. 

And later studies proved he was right…

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Tap the Hidden Nutrition
in Your Food!

One of the downfalls of a faulty digestive system is you don’t properly absorb food nutrients – and they’re flushed from your body instead being put to work inside your body.

Keep in mind, you aren’t what you eat….you’re what you eat and digest.

That’s why one of the best barometers for measuring Aloe vera’s digestive benefits is its effect on nutrient absorption.

Scientists from the University of Scranton looked at the effects of 2oz of an ACTIValoe® drink on the absorption of vitamin E and vitamin C.

The scientists were surprised to discover Aloe vera boosted absorption of vitamin E by 269%  and vitamin C by 204%!

This was surprising because vitamin E is fat soluble, while vitamin C is water soluble. The fact Aloe improved both was remarkable.

The researchers wrote in the Journal of Phytomedicine that…

“Aloe is the only known supplement to increase the absorption of both vitamin C and E and should be considered a complement to them.”

“My heartburn is under control”
Testimonial“Since I started drinking AloeCran – before breakfast and before dinner every day – my heartburn is under control. I really enjoy AloeCran.”
– Nancy S., Alvin, TX

“My acid reflux
is gone”

“I suffered frequently from acid reflux, and gas was also a problem. I started using AloeCran (I like to mix it with a smoothie – great taste). My acid reflux is gone and no more flatulence. I love your products and the prices are great!”
– Erik O., Olathe, KS

“It has helped my acid reflux and indigestion so much!”
“My husband and I both drink AloeCran in the mornings and throughout the day. It has helped my acid reflex and indigestion so much.

We both love the taste and the fact that it is not sweetened with sugar. Thanks for a great product and very helpful employees.”
– June C., Selmer, TN

“I tell you I feel wonderful”
Testimonial““I am a diabetic and since I started taking AloeCran my blood sugar has been under control between 96 and 120. This morning my blood sugar was perfect at 90. I feel very young again. I wish I had known about AloeCran some 15 years ago.

Plus the pain in my legs is gone. This is really important to me as I am a well known basketball and baseball official throughout Northern California.

I tell you I feel wonderful!”
– Lester L., Sacramento, CA
Individual results may vary

Following this groundbreaking study, researchers at the University of California Davis tested the effects of ACTIValoe® on vitamin B12.

You may know that B12 is notorious for being difficult to absorb – particularly as you get older.

This study showed that it took only one ounce of ACTIValoe® to significantly enhance the absorption of vitamin B12 – and the effects lasted over 28 hours.

This work further shows that Aloe vera benefits digestion.

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“I Feel Like AloeCran Soothes
My Stomach”

We hear statements like this regularly from clients.  And it got me thinking “how is that possible?”

So to answer this question, I went to the Aloe guru, Dr. Danhof.

He explained that one of most important parts of Aloe vera are nutrients known as polysaccharides…which is a fancy scientific way of saying “many sugars”.

Polysaccharides are long chains of sugar molecules – picture a necklace with beads.  These strings aren’t simple sugars that can make you fat or spike your blood sugar – these are very beneficial to your health.

The sugar most commonly found in Aloe polysaccharides is mannose.  And as it turns out, your stomach lining is lined with mannose receptors...which seek out and bind to mannose.

So the bottom line is the Aloe polysaccharides are attracted to and attach to the stomach lining surface, and provide a protective coating.  This is the “soothing” effect you may feel.

What’s more, polysaccharides don’t just help your stomach, they also may benefit irritable bowels.

This was shown in a study published in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics of people with irritable bowels.

Aloecran Juice

In just four weeks, 47% of participants taking Aloe vera twice a day experienced a complete remission or an improvement in symptoms.

Again very impressive, and welcomed relief for those suffering.

So that’s how Aloe vera helps the upper part of your digestive function.  Here’s how AloeCran™ supports the lower part…

Increase Regularity and
Elimination of Waste

“I’m 75 and have had problems all my life trying to be regular.  People that don’t have the problem do not understand how miserable it makes you feel.  I‘ve tried everything without success (including what my doctor recommended).

The Guilt-Free Drink Anyone And Everyone Can Enjoy!


Every time you find a food, drink or even an activity you enjoy, it seems someone is always there to quickly point out the problems with it.

The simple fact is there’s absolutely nothing in AloeCran™ that the usual suspects -- or even the unusual ones -- can criticize. Let them try...

“It must be loaded with sugar” ...No, there’s zero sugar, and actually this drink helps you keep your blood sugar levels under control.

“Then it must have a lot of fat, right?” ...Not a drop, and by the way, it can help keep your cholesterol and triglyceride levels in a normal range.

“So it must be made with artificial stuff?” ...Wrong again. It’s 100% natural, made from the some of the highest quality ingredients available.

“I bet it will upset my stomach” ...Just the opposite, people have this drink because it helps them digest foods better and helps relieve an upset stomach and heartburn. It also helps flush ulcer-causing bacteria from your body.

“A lot of these products make you constipated” ...Not this one. In fact most people find it helps make it easier “to go” and they become more regular. Plus, they have less gas and bloating. And no, it doesn’t cause diarrhea either.

“Well, I’m watching my weight and...” Perfect! Because this drink only has 10 calories per glass – and those are all from soluble fiber, which should help you with weight loss.

“This stuff must cost a fortune”... that’s the best part, because it’ll actually cost you less than what you’d pay for a can of soda or bottle of water in most stores. You can’t go wrong!

I got a notice from your company and decided to try AloeCran and was rewarded with blessed relief. It not only tastes good, but boy does it work – I have the problem no more.

Just saying thank you is not nearly enough but I don’t know how else to say how I feel. You’ve made my life so much better!”

This wonderful note comes from Martha in Shalimar, Fl.  I have to admit when I first heard her story I had tears in my eyes.  I was so happy we could help her – that’s what I love about my job.

And Martha is correct, “struggling to go” regularly is painful.  It’s also dangerous to your health.

Many people don’t realize the colon is one of the most permeable parts of the body – meaning toxins and other waste can easily enter your bloodstream through the colon.

So you want to eliminate that waste regularly and in volume!

That’s one reason why AloeCran™ contains Fibersol®-2…which together with ACTIValoe® forms a dynamic digestion duo.

No fewer than a dozen clinical studies have shown that Fibersol®-2 helps improve regularity – especially in those who don’t go frequently enough. 

What’s more, these same studies show Fibersol®-2 increases the volume of waste you excrete – even in those who go regularly.

For example, in one study of 62 healthy females, and published in the Journal of Nutritional Food, the participants were broken into three groups based on how frequently they evacuate their bowels:

Group A- Those who go less than 3 times a week.

Group B -Those who go 4 to 6 times a week.

Group C –Those who go 7 or more times a week.

Each group drank a beverage with 5g of Fibersol®-2 in it – the same amount you get in a serving of AloeCran™.

After just one week, those in Group A improved their frequency from an average of 2.5 times/week to 4.5 times/week, a huge improvement.  Better yet, the volume of feces they excreted increased by 90%!

“My Blood Sugar doesn’t bounce around anymore and my Cholesterol is Normal”
Since taking AloeCran my morning fasting blood sugar is more healthy. My cholesterol is normal. The benefits I didn’t expect were reduced flatulence levels and feeling more comfortable in my abdomen. It wasn’t until after taking AloeCran for a period of time that one day I realized gas wasn’t a problem anymore. Thank you very much!”
Individual results may vary

Group B increased their frequency from 5.0 times/week to a healthier 6.6 times/week.  And the volume of feces eliminated improved by 33%.

Aloecran Juice

Those in Group C, who were already regular, didn’t experience an increase in frequency, but did see the amount of feces excreted improve by about 19% - improving the elimination of toxic waste.

As important, Fibersol®-2 did not cause diarrhea in any of the study participants.

These impressive results show that Fibersol®-2 is a valuable partner in your quest to eliminate waste regularly and in volume!

And you should know this study has been repeated multiple times - in men and women, young and old - with similar results from using Fibersol®-2.

So that’s how AloeCran™ helps your digestion and elimination, now on to heart health…

Click here to try AloeCran™ Risk Free!

AloeCran and Your Heart

“My cholesterol is better since I started using AloeCran.  I’ll be using it from now on.”

That’s from Yvonne who lives up in Templeton, MA.  Like a lot of our clients, maintaining healthy cholesterol is a big concern for her.

More important are the components of your cholesterol score - you want to keep LDL cholesterol and triglycerides down, while boosting the “good” HDL cholesterol.

The ingredients in AloeCran™ have been shown to help on all counts.

“It has done what you said it would do!”
Testimonial“I have had heartburn and acid reflux since I was a teenager. I have tried a lot of stuff. AloeCran together with your TrueLife PB probiotic has overhauled my system. It is great.

My acid reflux is gone, my blood sugar is more under control, the bloating is gone, and I'm regular. It has done what you said it would do!” – Kenneth S., Troy, TN

“It Helps Keep My
Digestive System Regular and Urinary Tract Healthy”

“I have used AloeCran for many years and I love it! It helps to keep my digestive system regular and urinary tract healthy. AloeCran also gives me an energy burst. I am in my 70’s and I am doing everything I want to. I enjoy life completely.”
– Yvonne Y., Dickson, TN

Individual results may vary

One interesting study involving ACTIValoe® was conducted by researchers at the University of California Davis.

The participants in this study had relatively normal cholesterol of 206 mg/ dl, on average.

After eight weeks of using ACTIValoe®, their cholesterol 
dropped by an impressive 20 points, to a healthier 186 mg/dl.

Even better, most of this improvement was in the “bad” LDL cholesterol which dropped by 17 points – from 135 to 118.

The rest of the improvement was due to a drop in triglycerides from 156 to 148, which put them well within normal levels.

The real icing on the cake was a 38% decrease in C-reactive protein (CRP). 

In case you don’t know, CRP is a marker for inflammation in your body, and maintaining normal levels is associated with better cardiovascular health.

And while ACTIValoe® works to keep your LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in check, the PACran® cranberry powder may help boost HDL cholesterol.

University of Scranton researchers found that over the course of one month, drinking cranberry juice three times a day increased “good” HDL cholesterol by 10%.

Although 10% may not sound like a lot, even small improvements can help boost heart health.

“I can’t believe how much AloeCran helped”
“I liked the idea of no sugar in the AloeCran, so I tried it. I’m happy to report lots of progress thanks to AloeCran. My blood sugar is under control and my doctor is happy. I have an overall feeling of good health at 75!!”
– Louis S., Seattle, WA

“No more discomfort and
no side effects!”

“I could not eat my favorite foods without digestive problems. I now drink a glass of AloeCran every morning and an AloeCran “cocktail” before dinner. It tastes delicious and I can now eat and drink anything I like with no problems. I’m happy to be getting my fiber also with no chalky taste too.I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful product.”
– Maureen S. Las Vegas, NV

“Helped our indigestion”
After beginning AloeCran, our bouts with indigestion are no longer a problem. We have always had a good experience with NatureCity employees. They are always pleasant and helpful.”
– Darlene M., Lakeview, AR”

Individual results may vary

On top of this, Cornell University researchers found that cranberries help make LDL cholesterol less dangerous by protecting it from oxidation damage. Once oxidized, cholesterol is more prone to stick to arteries and contribute to blockages.

Plus, cranberry may help decrease excessive circulating cholesterol by increasing its absorption into cells – where it can be put to good use.

And we can’t forget the heart health benefits of fiber – which Fibersol-2 is clinically shown to deliver.

This was shown in a study published in the Journal of Nutritional Food.

After two months of consuming 5 grams of Fibersol®-2 a day, the triglyceride levels of the group dropped a whopping 43 points on average – from 221mg/dl to 177mg/dl – a 20% improvement.

Other research, published in the Journal of Japanese Society for the Study of Obesity, showed consuming larger amounts of Fibersol®-2 may produce even better results.

In this study, participants drank 10g of Fibersol®-2 with each meal. And after three months, the results were pretty dramatic - a 36% reduction in “bad” VLDL cholesterol and a 30% drop in triglyceride levels.

Plus, these folks had a remarkable 20% reduction in visceral fat.  This is the fat that can strangle vital organs in the gut – and Fibersol®-2 helped melt it away!

AloeCran and Your Blood Sugar

“I’m concerned about blood sugar and liked the idea of no sugar in AloeCran, so I tried it.  I’m happy to report lots of progress thanks to AloeCran. My blood sugar is under control.”

Aloecran Juice

That report comes from Louis, who lives out in Seattle, Washington.  And it reminds me to mention that AloeCran™ is diabetic safe because is sugar-free.

Even better, is how the ACTIValoe® and Fibersol®-2 help you maintain healthy blood sugar and insulin levels.

Aloe vera’s innate ability to help control blood sugar was first shown by researchers in Thailand and published in the scientific journal Phytomedicine.

They conducted a study in people with VERY high blood sugar. 

After drinking Aloe vera juice daily for six weeks, the group improved dramatically.  Plus, as a bonus, their triglyceride levels improved too.

Soon thereafter, researchers at Mahidol University in Thailand did a similar study, and found near identical results.

“I’ll Use AloeCran the Rest of My Life”
Testimonial“I am a type 2 diabetic. I’ve been drinking AloeCran juice for two years. It’s hard to find something like AloeCran that is so refreshing, tasty, sugar free and yet healthy and good for me.

I most definitely will use your product for the rest of my life. Thank you for making your AloeCran available to me at an economical price. I commend you for a superb product.”
– James O., Haleiusa, HI

“Thanks to AloeCran my Blood Sugar and Cholesterol are Down”
“Being a diabetic, the AloeCran is great for me, since it doesn’t have sugar in it. Even better it’s helped me regulate my blood sugar. Plus, at my last visit to my doctor he was amazed at how my cholesterol improved!

AloeCran has a great taste to enjoy and is so good for me! I wouldn’t be without it. Thanks AloeCran!”
– William T., Mitchell, IN

“Still Getting Favorable Readings After 1 Year”
Testimonial“Prior to using AloeCran, my blood sugar readings were a bit higher than I wanted.

After drinking AloeCran, my blood sugar readings have gone down and have stayed in a good area. I have been using the AloeCran for a year and I am still getting favorable readings.”
- Herbert B., Wheeling, WV

Individual results may vary

This work showed Aloe vera can help support blood sugar health.  But does it work only in people with very high blood sugar levels?

To answer this question, researchers at the University of California Davis did a study of people who had just slightly above normal blood sugar.

After 8 weeks of using ACTIValoe®, study partici­pants experienced a significant improvement in their blood sugar – going from 111 mg/dl to 105 mg/dl. Plus, insulin levels improved by 14% - going from 18.6 to 16.

As important, three other test markers of blood sugar health improved by taking ACTIValoe®.  This indeed confirms the blood sugar benefits of Aloe vera – and specifically ACTIValoe®.

As I mentioned, FiberSol®-2 helps you in this regard too – it just works a little differently.

While ACTIValoe® works to improve fasting blood sugar, FiberSol®-2 helps control the blood sugar and insulin spike after you eat a meal.

In fact, a study in Journal of Nutritional Foods showed consuming 5g of FiberSol®-2 reduced the rise in blood sugar by about 11%.  On top of this less insulin was needed, as shown by a 5% improvement in insulin levels.

Now on to some other AloeCran™ benefits…

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AloeCran and Urinary Tract
and Prostate Health

“My urinary tract health is much better. I also had occasional problems with constipation and acid reflux and they have improved unbelievably. AloeCran is a product I will always use.”

Aloecran Juice

That note comes from Joy who is not too far from us in Fort Pierce, Florida.  The urinary tract benefits she’s experiencing are likely due to PACran®.

PACran® is the world’s first clinically supported and PAC standardized cranberry powder. 

And as you read earlier, it is the PACs antioxidants in cranberry that stop E.coli bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract where it can cause problems.

PACran® is so unique it was the first cranberry product in the world with a government sanctioned health claim. In 2009, the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) approved PACran® for urinary health – quite an accomplishment.

“Still doing great two years later”
Testimonial“Luckily I discovered AloeCran through a news letter and decided to try it.

After three months of taking the AloeCran my acid reflux got better. It has been two years since I started taking AloeCran and I am still doing great. Thank the Lord and thank you.”
– Sylvia W., Frankford, DE

“Your Product has been a Miracle for Me!”
After using AloeCran for 30 days, I tested my cholesterol and my HDL and LDL were in normal limits, as was my blood pressure. My acid reflux isn’t as bad either. My doctor said, “Whatever you are doing, keep it up.” Your product has been a miracle for me!”
– Stan A., Lincoln, NE

“My friend lost 18 pounds. I’ve lost 11!”
Testimonial“I wanted to drop some
pounds and a friend told me
she lost 18 lbs. when she
started using AloeCran. Well I am having great success with my weight loss. My food cravings have been less. My eating is more controlled. I’ve lost 11 pounds and my blood pressure has improved. I’ve been working on losing weight, but AloeCran helps me stay satiated longer.
“P.S. I like the discount I get when I buy multiple jars!”
- Maureen K., Madison Heights, MI

So what has PACran® been shown to do?

In a six month clinical study, women taking 500mg of PACran® a day (equivalent to two servings AloeCran™) reduced the recurrence of UTIs by an amazing 44%.

Most recently, PACran® was shown to boost prostate and lower urinary tract health in men in a groundbreaking study published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Men taking 1,500mg of PACran® for six months had a 44% improvement in prostate health using the six measures in the International Prostate Symptom Score.

This included a 65% improvement in the ability to empty the bladder, a 25% improvement in urinary flow rate, a 50% improvement in quality of life and a 32% reduction in Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels.

As you may know PSA levels are commonly used to assess prostate health.  So score another win for PACran®!

By my count, we’ve covered 15 of the 17 proven AloeCran™ benefits.  So last but not least, there is…

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AloeCran and Your
Waistline & Skin

“I wanted to drop some pounds and my friend told me she lost 18 pounds while drinking AloeCran. Well, I’m having great success too, losing 11 pounds so far.  I feel my food cravings have been less, my eating is more controlled and I stay satiated longer.”

Aloecran Juice

One of the great features of AloeCran™ is it contains only 10 calories per glass – all from the fiber. 

That’s because instead of sugar, fat or artificial sweeteners, we use natural sweeteners like stevia and luo han guo to make AloeCran™ taste great.

And many clients substitute AloeCran™ for high calorie drinks like soda or fruit juice. 

This simple change can save you 50,000 calories in a year – which is about 15 pounds of weight loss.

That’s what Maureen in Madison Heights, Wisconsin is experiencing in the note above.

In addition to avoiding needless calories, AloeCran™ helps your waistline in another way…

How Making the Switch to
AloeCran™ Helps You Drop
Hard to Lose Pounds…

A recent study titled “What America Drinks” revealed an astounding fact. Researchers found that beverages account for a whopping 22% of calories in the average American diet.

TestimonialMost of these calories come from sugar in drinks like soda and juice. Not only do these drinks cause you to gain weight – they also spike your blood sugar.

And here’s where AloeCran™ can make a big difference in your waistline. Unlike a glass of regular cranberry juice, grape juice or soda that has up to 170 calories, a glass of AloeCran™ contains only 10 calories.

What’s more, all 10 calories in AloeCran are from fiber – which won’t cause hunger pangs due to wild swings in blood sugar.

Just the opposite, the FiberSol®-2 in AloeCran™, has been shown to prolong stomach emptying time – so you don’t get hungry as quickly.

Here’s the bottom line…if you substitute just one glass of AloeCran for a daily soda or juice, over the next year you will save about 51,100 calories. That’s almost 15 pounds of fat you can lose or not gain in one year!

Just another great reason to start AloeCran today!

AloeCran™ is Great for Your Waistline Too!
Not only is AloeCran™ nutritious and delicious, but you get all the flavor without the sugar and excess calories. Plus 5g of soluble fiber!

Ocean Spray®
Cranberry Juice
Grape Juice

Fibersol®-2 has been shown to prolong stomach emptying time – so you don’t get hungry as quickly after eating.

Plus recent research presented at the Vahouny Fiber Symposium, showed that Fibersol®-2 also helps signal when you should stop eating by increasing the PYY and GLP-1 hormones in your gut.  These two hormones help tell your brain, you’re full.

Just losing a few pounds can make you look younger, but AloeCran™ doesn’t stop there.

A recent study sponsored by the Korean government showed that women drinking ACTIValoe® reduced facial wrinkles significantly.

Plus, skin elasticity improved 30% and skin roughness was reduced by 17%.

That’s real beauty from within!

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AloeCran™ is a
Great Bargain Too!

Each AloeCran™ jar contains the equivalent of about 50 ounces of fresh organic Aloe vera juice.

If you were to buy this much organic Qmatrix™ ACTIValoe® liquid - alone it could cost you over $22.00.

On top of that, purchased separately, the PACran®, Fibersol®-2, and the natural sweeteners could run you another $30.00.

So in every jar of AloeCran™, the value of the ingredients is over $52.00.

But I promise you…you’ll never, ever pay that much for AloeCran™ from NatureCity®.

In fact, you can get a single jar of AloeCran™ for just $29.97. That’s a 42% savings…you save $22.03 on every jar!

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6 Month Subscription
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The NatureCity Journal

Plus, if you order AloeCran™ now, you’ll receive a FREE 6 month sub­scription to the NatureCity Journal – that alone is a $29.99 value.

What’s in the NatureCity Journal? Each issue features the most import­ant “hot of the press” nutritional health breakthroughs – like the studies you’ve read about today.

It’s an easy way to stay informed about the latest health solutions that matter most to you.

What’s more, you’ll discover these important developments as they hap­pen- just like the experts!

And you get this subscription FREE just for trying AloeCran™. But I’m not done yet…

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A Special “Early Bird” Bonus

Order the “Best Value” or “Good” deal today, and when you open the box with your AloeCran™ shipment, you’ll find another great Aloe vera gift from NatureCity®.

It’s a FREE TrueAloe™ Cleansing Bar. I’m excited to have you try this cleansing bar because countless people have told me it’s the best soap they’ve ever used.

You see, most mass produced soap isn’t really soap. These soaps are made with harsh laundry detergents or other synthetic materials….which can hurt your skin.

Cleansing bar

NatureCity® provides a better alternative with the all natural TrueAloe™ Cleansing Bar.

This bar uses natural plant fats to gently remove dirt, grime and other pollutants that attach to your skin. And it deodorizes as you wash.

Even better, the TrueAloe™ Cleansing Bar helps you recapture the beautiful look and feel of younger, healthier skin.

The Aloe vera moisturizes your skin so you can look your best between cleansings. And Aloe vera also provides many topical healing benefits.

One of the best natural skin softeners is glycerin, which is a natural by-product of the soap making process.

Most “big-label” soap companies remove the glycerin from their soaps and sell it separately in moisturizers. Not only is the glycerin left in the TrueAloe™ Cleansing Bar – but in fact we add additional glycerin!

The TrueAloe™ Cleansing Bar also has a wonderful combination of natural oils – olive, almond, grape, castor seed, apricot, eucalyptus and avocado.

These oils are rich emollients that fill in lines and help make skin look less dry, wrinkled and baggy.

What’s more, no animal fats or synthetic chemicals are used in the TrueAloe™ Cleansing Bar.

It rinses off without leaving a soap film on your body. Plus, it lasts much longer than a mass produced synthetic soap!

Use it everyday to feel clean, look more attractive and smell naturally fresh!

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“I Hit the Jackpot with AloeCran”


I started seeing benefits from AloeCran after 5 weeks. My irregularity is gone and I’m very regular. My cholesterol levels are in the normal range. And I very seldom experience acid reflux. Thanks for a great product!”
– Terry C., Austin, TX

“I look forward to my glass every morning”


"AloeCran has helped my digestive system so much! I will never quit taking it. I look forward to my glass of AloeCran each morning.

Your employees are always courteous. Thank God for NatureCity and its products. Keep up the good work.”
- Maudie L., Milan, IN
Individual results may vary

Your Order Comes
With A One Year
Money Back Guarantee!

I’m extremely confident you’re going to enjoy drinking AloeCran™… so much so that I’m willing to give you a full one year guarantee on your order.

If for any reason you are not satis­fied with AloeCran™, you can return the unused portion of your order and receive a full refund.

Again, this money back guarantee isn’t good for just 30 days…or 60 days…it’s good for 365 days.

So please give AloeCran™ a try, because I’m almost positive that when you contact us again… you’ll be ask­ing us to rush you more AloeCran™ - not to return your order!

Now it’s up to you!

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Yours for good health,

Carl Pradelli,
President & CEO, NatureCity®

p.s. Don’t forget, both adults and children can enjoy and benefit from AloeCran™. So order today and ask how you can get some extra AloeCran™ for your family and friends.

"Drink to your Health"

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